for Teachers & Program Directors


Healthy moms create healthy babies, healthy families, and help build healthy communities. As a certified pregnancy fitness instructor and/or program director, you can take the lead in developing healthy moms, babies, and communities.


Through our Study Course, Dancing Thru Pregnancy provides a solid evidence-based program in pre- and postnatal fitness. Focused on mind/body, cardio, strength, flexibility, and special exercises during pregnancy, teacher training builds teaching skills specifically designed to enhance your clients’ child-bearing experience by helping moms-to-be stay active during pregnancy and after childbirth.

The highest priority for Dancing Thru Pregnancy is insuring that teachers lead safe, effective, and enjoyable classes that cultivate a healthy and supportive lifestyle for expectant mothers in their communities.

Since 1984, Dancing Thru Pregnancy has provided basic certification and continuing education for group fitness instructors, dance and yoga teachers, personal trainers, exercise physiologists, midwives, obstetricians, orthopedists, movement specialists, physical therapists and other allied health professionals.

Healthcare providers and allied health professionals use our training to learn about appropriate exercise prescriptions, assessments and support for this important population of women who are active in pregnancy; providing a link to improving public health.


***NEW*** Dancing Thru Pregnancy offers a Teachers Forum on Google+, open only to our certified teachers. The Teachers Forum is a forum for discussions, sharing ideas about classes, marketing tips, and shared choreography videos. Please note: you do not need a gmail or Google account to join the online forum.

In addition to the Teachers Forum , certified teachers have access to join ongoing updates in the field and facetime with the Director of Dancing Thru Pregnancy to assist with your development in becoming a certified teacher in pregnancy fitness.

Dancing Thru Pregnancy certified teachers’ programs are listed in our Find a Class or Trainer section. If you are already a certified pregnancy fitness instructor, be sure to keep your listing current and active on the DTP website.

CLICK HERE for Continuing Education Opportunities and Certification Renewals. Renewals should occur every two years.


Dancing Thru Pregnancy is available to help you determine if, when, and how to start a new pre- and postpartum fitness program in your community. To find out what type of program is appropriate in your setting, go to our Start a Program page.

As educators, Dancing Thru Pregnancy’s goal is to help individuals, groups, facilities, and institutions bring safe, effective, state-of-the-art programs to as many women and infants as possible. We are available to assist you in developing a successful program with your local clientele.

Some programs become licensed Dancing Thru Pregnancy sites, where instructors follow DTP’s trademarked and copyrighted procedures, using our curriculum and materials. Other sites use Dancing Thru Pregnancy’s assistance to improve or update their existing programs or develop new programs of their own.

Dancing Thru Pregnancy is proud to have helped several well-known programs get their start by training the founders, as well as providing consulting or advising services. Some of those groups include: Belly-N-Kicks, Baby Boot Camp, Birth Dancing, Stroller Strides, Fit4Mom, Fifteen to Fit pregnancy, Belly Queen, Expecting Fitness, Prenatal Dance Fitness, Belly Cat, OmMama and many more.