Pre/Postnatal Helper Items


Fol­low­ing is list of resources of pre/postnatal helper items. While the list is quite robust, don’t let it over­whelm you. Danc­ing Thru Preg­nan­cy promis­es you’ll find trust­ed and reli­able infor­ma­tion on the preg­nan­cy top­ics you’re look­ing for, and per­haps, even those you may not be look­ing for, but will be glad to find them here.


Childbirth Education

Web­sites with reli­able preg­nan­cy and birth infor­ma­tion (mobile apps are avail­able here)


The Red/Purple Line: An Alter­nate Method For Assess­ing Cer­vi­cal Dila­tion Using Visu­al Cues

NOTE: This method has not been stud­ied in a sci­en­tif­ic man­ner How often it match­es mea­sured dila­tion has not been deter­mined. It does not appear in all women..


Turn­ing Breech Babies


CT Doula Ser­vices:






Home Birth & Water Birth videos on YouTube (Baby Cen­ter – com­mer­cial, but good water birth infor­ma­tion & includes con­traindi­ca­tions)


Cesare­an Birth (video — Nucle­us Med­ical Media ani­ma­tion)


Cord Blood Bank­ing   1–800-786‑7235      Cryo-Cell Inter­na­tion­al:   The World’s First Cord Blood Bank

CT con­tact: Mar­i­on Welch   Busi­ness Mobile Text and Voice :203–942-6206


Back Care:  Yale Preg­nan­cy & Post­par­tum Back Care Video:


Constructive Rest — 21st Century Update

For the 2010 Inter­na­tion­al Asso­ci­a­tion for Dance Med­i­cine and Sci­ence (IADMS) con­fer­ence, we pre­sent­ed a  high­ly effec­tive six minute rest and relax­ation pro­to­col for dancers. It has also proven espe­cial­ly use­ful for pre/postnatal clients who expe­ri­ence low back dis­com­fort asso­ci­at­ed with sacro-ili­ac or sci­at­ic prob­lems. In addi­tion, new par­ents find it use­ful when their new­born takes a brief nap. This pro­to­col can be accom­plished in under 10 min­utes and leaves par­ents refreshed and ready to han­dle what­ev­er comes next.

Request the pdf at no cost from Put CRP-IADMS in the sub­ject and ask for a copy of the rest pro­to­col.

For preg­nant women who can­not lie on their backs for six min­utes, the pro­to­col can be adapt­ed to roll onto the side once the posi­tion is achieved after the first cou­ple min­utes.


Pregnancy Nutrition Checklist

The Check­list includes a short dis­cus­sion of the most recent (2009) guide­lines from the NIH Insti­tute of Med­i­cine regard­ing nutri­tion­al require­ments and healthy weight gain in preg­nan­cy, along with a dai­ly check­list of the types of foods and num­ber of serv­ings need­ed in each trimester.


Pregnancy Nutrition Daily Checklist      Week of___/___/___


Fat or Sweet Treat __
Milk, cheese, yogurt __  __  __  __         2nd trimester __  __  __  __  __        3rd trimester __  __  __  __  __  __
Meat, poul­try, fish, beans, eggs, nuts, seeds __  __  __  __  __  __

Includes all dai­ly required food items and detailed serv­ing sizes…just check items off the list!! Down­load and dupli­cate as need­ed. The check­list is for­mat­ted for a week at a time. It has addi­tion­al fea­tures such as infor­ma­tion on how to increase or decrease quan­ti­ty based on the size of the mom-to-be, as well as the URL for the Nation­al Heart Lung and Blood Institute’s BMI cal­cu­la­tor, which you can paste into your brows­er to help you cal­cu­late your BMI.

We did the work putting it all togeth­er, and you can use it for just $ 5.00  !!

Order below and we will email the pdf to you once Pay­Pal con­firms the order.

Pregnancy Nutrition Checklist

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