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Body Trust: Excerpts from Midwife Robyn’s Thesis

Reseach Updates Summer 2013 & 2011 (pregnancy fitness safety; risk reduction for cesarean, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia; yoga in pregnancy; exercise effect on quality of life and mood during pregnancy)

Research Update on Immune Function 2010

Research Updates 2006–2010 (maternal and fetal responses to exercise; postpartum physiology)

Research Updates 2001–2005 (impact of maternal aerobic fitness on fetal oxygen and longterm offspring health; improved tolerance for labor; impact on breastfeeding)

These research updates include abstracts and discussion of findings on the impact of exercise on pregnancy, birth and motherhood; maternal and fetal adaptations to exercise; information on immune function in pregnancy; and, which components of exercise produce benefits.  They are included as part of the additional reading for the Basic Teacher Training Course, and are referred to in the workbook.


Pregnancy and Exercise…each one is a complex phenomenon.

Taken together, they may constitute the most complicated interaction in human physiology! The impact of exercise before conception, during pregnancy and in the postpartum period is positive for both mom and baby in the short term and long term.

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As we learn which genotypes are more susceptible to disorders such as preeclampsia or gestational diabetes, we are also learning how exercise reduces the risk for actually developing such disorders. A new area of research is how pregnancy exercise contributes to the prevention of childhood obesity…check this DTP Blog post:

Here’s the map of how exercise affects pregnancy metabolism:   Pg Exercise Map

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