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Part of our mission is to bring commercial services and products of interest to our readers to their attention. This page allows businesses and websites with related products or content to purchase space for ads or links by sponsoring an article on our homepage or in our newsletter.

Sponsored Blog/Website articles appear on our homepage, with a headline, photo and link to the article. Also available is a one-time insertion as a sponsor for our newsletter. Guidelines:

  • Informative articles about a relevant topic with links to references/citations and appropriate website is our most preferred type of article.
  • No medical devices or supplements, nutraceutricals, or non-FDA approved medications.
  • Services must have scientific evidence to back any claims made in the article about outcomes, and must cite/link to the references.
  • Non-profit [509(c)3] corporations are eligible for discounts and some free links.

To complete details for your placement, or if you would like more information, please email director@dancingthrupregnancy.com.

NOTE:  Payment is made through PayPal below.

Purchasing Space:

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