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Part of our mis­sion is to bring com­mer­cial ser­vices and prod­ucts of inter­est to our read­ers to their atten­tion. This page allows busi­ness­es and web­sites with relat­ed prod­ucts or con­tent to pur­chase space for ads or links by spon­sor­ing an arti­cle on our home­page or in our newslet­ter.

Spon­sored Blog/Website arti­cles appear on our home­page, with a head­line, pho­to and link to the arti­cle. Also avail­able is a one-time inser­tion as a spon­sor for our newslet­ter. Guide­lines:

  • Infor­ma­tive arti­cles about a rel­e­vant top­ic with links to references/citations and appro­pri­ate web­site is our most pre­ferred type of arti­cle.
  • No med­ical devices or sup­ple­ments, nutraceu­tri­cals, or non-FDA approved med­ica­tions.
  • Ser­vices must have sci­en­tif­ic evi­dence to back any claims made in the arti­cle about out­comes, and must cite/link to the ref­er­ences.
  • Non-prof­it [509©3] cor­po­ra­tions are eli­gi­ble for dis­counts and some free links.

To com­plete details for your place­ment, or if you would like more infor­ma­tion, please email director@dancingthrupregnancy.com.

NOTE:  Pay­ment is made through Pay­Pal below.

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