About DTP



Founder/Director:  Ann F. Cowlin   Read Cowlin’s CV

Master DTP Teachers:  Monique Nemarich, Leslie Blatteau, Nancy Lorenti

Childbirth Educators: Ann Cowlin, MA CSM CCE, and Jill Garofalo, RN CCE

Medical Advisors:  Peggy DeZinno, RN LCCE; Helen Varney Burst, CNM PhD (hon); Brian Karsif, MD; Gil Mor, MD, PhD

Web Design:  The Houseton Group | (512) 481-2736 | info@houseton.com


For 37 years Dancing Thru Pregnancy®, Inc., has offered exciting state-of-the-art pre/postnatal fitness programs. DTP has participated in research and development to put into practice the latest evidence on safe and effective pregnancy and postpartum mom/baby exercise. We have developed formats that include essential exercise components to achieve these tested benefits. We have kept records of outcomes during the process and reported our findings at scientific conferences in the U.S. and abroad.

Our priorities are providing ongoing programs of pregnancy and postpartum fitness that are safe, empowering and that enhance family and community life. Founded in 1979 by Yale University movement specialist Ann Cowlin, MA, CSM, CCE, Dancing Thru Pregnancy has trained many thousands of fitness instructors throughout the world. Millions of moms have participated in classes under the auspices of these instructors. Evidence demonstrates that DTP participants are at reduced risk for some disorders of pregnancy and achieve a reduced rate of cesarean births and other medical interventions.

Since 2012, DTP has also offered Childbirth Education as part of our home program at Yale University. Bringing movement into the labor room has long been known to promote the progress of labor and reduce the need for intervention. We encourage new teachers and program directors to consider this addition to their fitness program development.

Cowlin is the author of Women’s Fitness Program Development (Human Kinetics Pub.) and “Women and Exercise” in the nursing textbook, Varney’s Midwifery. She is also the expert consultant for the U.S. Army’s Pregnancy and Postpartum Train the Trainer Program. She has spoken on pregnancy and postpartum fitness and its effect on health throughout the U.S. as well as in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Advisors from Yale University and Yale-New Haven Hospital, as well as master teachers and business consultants, help keep our programs up to date.