worthy global human endeavors

Worthy Global Human Endeavors


There are only two tru­ly wor­thy glob­al human endeav­ors:

1. Humane Birthing. Find out more from the White Rib­bon Alliance for Safe Moth­er­hood.

2. Space Explo­ration. Find out more from the Augus­tine Com­mis­sion.

Pass it on.

If you are not yet con­vinced about the glob­al need for humane care for preg­nant and birthing women, google (or bing, or yahoo…) “fis­tu­la.” If you want more first world infor­ma­tion, com­pare med­ical birth with what’s on YouTube; while these two approach­es to birth are at odds in con­tem­po­rary med­i­cine, in a humane set­ting they are both nec­es­sary.

As for space, let me para­phrase Craig Nelson’s notion:  In time, the Earth will per­ish. This is noth­ing you need to lose sleep over. It will be a long, long time before this hap­pens. But, we need to start now to pre­pare. In time, the Earth will per­ish, and we will need to be some­where else when that hap­pens.

These two things will reap all the rewards that need be reaped. The enabling of safe moth­er­hood and our move­ment into space are the only things that ensure human sur­vival.